Orff method

The Orff system is a versatile music pedagogical method. With its help, children will discover a wide range of skills. These skills are intended to introduce children to the arts, to boost their self-esteem, to improve cognitive, language skills and to create an exciting relationship with the teacher and their friends.
They can use the instruments of the Orff system (woodblocks, triangles, bells, castanets), make their first acquaintance with the musical vocabulary, sing, dance.
Gradually they learn to play metallophone, xylophone and flute.
The song also plays a very important role in the process, as well as the voice is a very important musical instrument! Movement and dance are also used, so the children are released and it helps them to express themselves with their body, to get to know it and to see their abilities. The speech, the rhythm, the movement, the dance and the song are combined.
The child even gets to the point of improvising, creating his own melodies, and thus acquires imagination. He learns to play the first musical instruments and thus acquires self-esteem and skills. Within the group he learns to collaborate, to be disciplined in instructions, to communicate with the help of music and movement and to be active. It cultivates his memory and imagination.