Music for Everyone
We offer music education for people of all ages and levels of musical skills.

A Music Conservatory with a vision

The New Alimos Conservatory is a model center for music studies that aims at a new approach to music education.
The music education of our students and its organization is entirely our responsibility and we believe that whether you are doing your hobby or wanting to win a degree, it is important to be properly informed.

At our place we seek to provide degrees for all musical instruments, classical and modern, as well as certificates for selected traditional instruments. Particularly popular in addition to learning musical instruments are in our area and the study of song (classical, traditional-folk and modern). All compulsory theories are taught and all degrees are given for Advanced Theory and Composition in the field of classical studies, while respectively there is the possibility of studying from beginner stage to the final degrees and diplomas of modern theorists.

If you do your hobby and want a relaxed pursuit of music only without taking exams, we highly recommend joining an organ or vocal ensemble to experience the joy of sharing music with others and making friends or to participate in concerts and live!